Terra Novus will be an Online Trading Card Game with the cards being truly owned by players.

Terra Novus

For many years, 6 planets existed. Each of these planets developed, over its lifespan, its own philosophy: Selfishness, Totalitarianism, Survial of the Fittest, Good of the People, Balance, and Hate. Then a 7th planet emerged, pulsing with magic and power. Some of this power was absorbed by inhabitants of the other 6 planets, granting them the ability to travel between worlds. This 7th planet, Terra Novus, becomes the battleground for the other 6 to fight over for control of this new land.

Choose your alignment and your commander to fight for control of Terra Novus.


Improved Gameplay

Less losses to variance compared to other card games. No mana screw, or mana flood. Less random mechanics and more skill involved in order to take victory.

Own Your Cards

Cards earned by players are tokenized into digital assets on the blockchain, giving players full control over their cards.

Enter Tournaments

Tournaments will be available on launch that will allow you to play for prizes including cards, prestige, and valuable prize pools.